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is a free classified ad portal, specialised in listing of private and business adverts of military technologies; firearms and cold weapons, ammunition, military gear, accessories, transportation equipment and thematic literature. It is intended to provide its services mainly to civil individuals and businesses with interest in historical weapons, replicas of historical weapon, deactivated weapons and airsoft and paintball enthusiasts.


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WE GBB SA80 + 3 magazines - Sale Long guns 24.09.2016, 16:33
AGM Series G&G M4 - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 22.09.2016, 12:42
WE 888c AEG (HK416c) and more - Sale Long guns 18.09.2016, 16:10
Starter pack - ICS (Metal) CXP16... - Sale Long guns 17.09.2016, 11:46
GHK G5 with spare magazine +extr... - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 09.09.2016, 23:25
Star one lsw L86 A2 - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 07.09.2016, 23:41
We eu glock replica - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 25.08.2016, 16:24
(1113) Lee Enfield scope mount - Sale Accessories 22.08.2016, 12:05
Mini gs - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 20.08.2016, 12:18
Willys MB parts - Sale Spare parts 16.08.2016, 15:52
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