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is a free classified ad portal, specialised in listing of private and business adverts of military technologies; firearms and cold weapons, ammunition, military gear, accessories, transportation equipment and thematic literature. It is intended to provide its services mainly to civil individuals and businesses with interest in historical weapons, replicas of historical weapon, deactivated weapons and airsoft and paintball enthusiasts.


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Tokyo Marui Custom AEG P90 Preda... - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 15.04.2017, 14:27
Glock 17 - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 06.04.2017, 15:25
Colt Series 90 Double Eagle - Sale Handguns 01.04.2017, 00:29
Mint Condition Airsoft M4 (AEG) ... - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 19.03.2017, 14:57
Vintage replica musket - Sale Historical weapons 17.03.2017, 11:18
bb revolver - Sale Handguns 04.03.2017, 13:11
two matching replica Joseph Ki... - Sale Handguns 13.02.2017, 18:11
ARES L85 A2 / SA80 Airsoft Rifle... - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 11.02.2017, 15:23
Bison 701 sniper rifle - Sale Long guns 01.02.2017, 16:19
Asp apm40a3 - Sale Airsoft and paintball guns 24.01.2017, 19:37
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